The Inspiring Voices of the year 2013, here in Borama, Awdal Region By Ahmed Abib Hayir, a qualified author

We need to learn from the past. The lessons we have learnt infiltrate into the fabric of school life. If any, our failures in the past are not self defeating attitudes that can dim prospects for a better life. Our failures are just lessons when made use, providing us the chances to consider creative options to handle matters in life. And the same, our successes in the past are not only the empowering spirits that give voice to our stronger gut forward, our successes are also the lessons we have learnt to enjoy the development standard we maintain. It holds true then that our destiny in life is largely fixed by these aptitudes. It is a new year, 2014. It is a new time that we have outdone ourselves in our dedications.


That gone year 2013, leave a legacy of development for Borama, the capital city of Awdal region. Those serial written text you will be reading, rewards the most inspiring voices that are serving as the model legacies for the progressive developments in the city, Borama, Awdal Region. The encouraging spirit of these voices empowers public services, humanly sacrifices and individual achievements. And the same, these voices inspire others to learn develop, leave legacies of their own.  In this text, ten voices do hold the highly inspired legacies whose contributions have paid off to benefit all. The outcome has been the result of an in depth research I, Ahmed Abib Hayir, a qualified author, made here in Borama. I am not selective in my choices. I have got the scenarios for the credibility to qualify these ten choices. And after all I am certain that much more has been done to develop. Many unnamed voices deserve awards, yet I just mean all the time to encourage, develop and create inspiring legacies. And after my probing conclusions I affirm these voices were the most inspiring legacies to model the developments forward of the year 2013, here in Borama city, Awdal region. During this task, I feel indebted to my people here in Borama whose love makes much meaning in my life and enables me to serve and to write effectively.

I owe my deep sense of gratitude to my wife. Without her constant love, interest, insight and purity of soul, this text would not matter as an accomplished end.  I am also very grateful to Asha Abdilahi Kalunle a mother, for her wit, grace, and unerring ability to encourage my best impulses. I extend my sincere thanks to Abdiqadir Aden Nur, the manager of Telesom here in Borama, Awdal region, for his dedications to empower creativity and develop the pen (the art of writing). I am particularly indebted to Ismail Abdi Rirash the managing director of Dahabshiil, to whom my heartfelt thanks are due to his labor of financial supports to write the documentary legacies, to print and distribute the written books and publicize the outcomes in the media. I also owe deep sense of gratitude to Ilays Amoud, a primary and secondary school in Borama, for their unwavering support to assist us print, distribute and publicize this text.  I am always very thankful to Ikran Mahamed Bullo, a local business woman whose commitment to develop the city engages much of his ongoing assistance for me to accomplish this task. Abdihakim Mohamed Hirsi, the managing director of Sh.Mahdi Secondary school has been of supportive assistance in many ways, and I am very thankful in all.

The general executive secretary of the city local government, Hasan Yousuf Riirash, has had a lion’s share in the successful realizations of this task and I thank him for all.  PSI has always played a leading role to help this task realized and I am very grateful to them. Likewise I am grateful to my readers for their gentle but firm correctives and for their enthusiasm and concern. Amoud express, as a regional property, has always been very efficient in its leading role to encourage the development of the city, Borama. And I am very grateful to Amoud Express for their empowering support in all the stages of this task. Finally, I owe my deep gratitude to all others whose assistances served to do this task.


Best regards.

By the end of the year, 2013, the following voices are all getting us inspired here in Borama, Awdal Region. The year 10 most inspiring model legacies

THE MEN OF THE YEAR The Building of the Borama Cemetery Fence accomplished Ibrahim Nageye Waal Abdi Barkhad Dugsiye Osman Mahamud Nur

he leading pioneers THE WOMEN OF THE YEAR The women fund raising mobilization for the Lughaya Port construction Amina Elmi Farid Asha Abdilahi Kalunle Sacada Moumin Nur The leading women


The most efficient medical service nationwide Alhayat Hospital




The voice of the unheard victims in the community Tawfiiq Relief Organization Basra Jirdeh Shiil Mahdi Aden Riirash

THE INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR The giant salt company  Muliyo Salt Company



The most illustrative and enduring commercial success Soomane Center




The most dedicated long serving teacher Ahmed Sh.Mahdi Aden [May Allah bless him]




The most responsible figure with the affirmed authority to serve Abdi kheyre Dugsiye Araweelo,  The regional police chief commander



The best serving achievement of the city urbanization Eng. Jamal Sh.Hasan Badeed  Hamdi Construction Company


THE SINGER OF THE YEAR The most entertaining arts nationwide Mursal Muse Omer

You are reading each of these inspiring agents one by one in the days to come.


By Ahmed Abib Hayir A qualified autho

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