The Defection of the Ousted leader of Awdalstate will have no Impact on Awdalities’ resolve to rid themselves of Secessionists’ Stranglehold

The Defection of the Ousted leader of Awdalstate will have no Impact on Awdalities’ resolve to rid themselves of Secessionists’ Stranglehold

Awdalstate was formed a few years back by the Diaspora community and has a large followingin the Awdal region of Somalia, particularly among the youth. A little-known outsider by the name Rashid Nur was tasked to lead the struggle against Hargiesa’s stranglehold on the region with massive and unwavering support of the Awdal Diaspora, particularly women who emptied their coffers to give much-needed financial support to what they considered as a noble cause. Having dismally failed to make any meaningful progress towards achieving the stated mission of Awdalstate during his short stint, Rashid Nur was in for a humiliating chop and the election of another leader was beckoning, scheduled to take place in October 2013, before he jumped the ship in treacherous fashion. To preempt such a humiliating dismissal, he started the negotiation of his unconditional surrender to the secessionists with his fellow relatives in “Somaliland”.

In a land where people of integrity and trustworthiness are far and few between, the idea of making a quick financial or political gain in the shape and manner of Sulaiman Xaglatoosiye immediately appealed to Rashid’s deluded little mind without giving the slightest thoughts of the consequences his imbecile actions may cause. Two employees representing Amoud Foundation, the well-respected charity group that built Al Hayat Hospital in Borama, who are also close relatives of the ousted leader, are believed to be the kingmakers behind Rashid’s treacherous defection. The short statement by Amoud Foundation that their organization has nothing to do with the facilitation by their employees of the defection of traitor Rashid may not be good enough to restore their well-earned reputation as an independent and charitable organization. They need to come clean on the issue by carefully considering the positions of the aforementioned employees who may have compromised the organization’s squeaky clean image.

While the secessionists in Hargeisa have paid heavy price to capture Xaglatoosiye– allegedly over hundred thousand dollars and the release of hundreds of prisoners wrongfully jailed in Mandheera prison – the ousted leader of Awdalstate and his collaborators, which numbered no more than three close relatives, have pathetically come so cheap. The fact that he was received at the airport by his immediate relatives and a few Awdal politicians in “Somaliland” administration,and none from Ahmed Silanyo’s so-called political heavyweights,indicates the insignificance and pettiness of the former leader of Awdalstate. The news of his disgraceful dismissal preceded him, making his defection completely and utterly meaningless. Having failed to garner any meaningful support from his fellow Awdalities, the deposed leader of Awdalstate was on his toes and only needed the nod of the Governor of Awdal in Dubai, Ahmed Silaanyo’s immediate cousin, to abandon his long-held views on “Somaliland’s” secessionist agenda.

Now that he has fallen into the hands of the secessionists with no support from his fellow Awdalities, Rashid Nur is destined to be a forlorn figure among the secessionists in Hargeisa. As for the thousands upon thousands of Awdal supporters, his treacherous defection has simply strengthened their resolve and gives them the chance to pursue their struggle more robustly than ever before. Awdalstate will continue to be a force to reckon with, and their gallant struggle to achieve their stated objectives i.e. to be an integral part of an all-inclusive Somali state will remain undiminished. In the meantime, the secessionists’ futile endeavor to bribe their way towards statehood and international recognition will, as always,end up with utter and complete failure as has been the case for the past two barren decades. After all, the international community is not prepared, or daft enough to endorse the dismemberment of Somalia, particularly as the country is pulling its acts together despite some obvious shortcomings. Moreover, bringing on board a few political drop-outs, greedy scavengers and callous misfits from the unionist communities will bring no political gain for the secessionists in Hargeisa; they will continue to remain unrecognized and in political limbo as the world community will not buy their fallacies. And lastly, opportunists and traitors like Rashid Nur will end up on the wrong side of history and rue the day they signed a pact with the devilish secessionists when the dust finally settles down.


Mohamed F Yabarag

Wardheernews Contributor



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