Somali-Ethiopian Diaspora Launches a University initiative

Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 6, 2012– Diaspora members of the community of Awubere Wereda in the Somali Zone of Ethiopia have launched an initiative for establishing Harawe University of Awubere (HUA).

In their kick-off meeting held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, prominent members of the community highlighted the need for a university in the area which is one of the most populous regions in the Somali zone.

In a short briefing on the situation of education in the area, the participants have learned that the Awubere Wereda has 70 primary schools of which 19 are intermediate schools as well as seven high schools. The high schools are located in Awubere town, Sheddeer, Lafa Ciise, Wajaale,
Dharwanaaje, Xerogeel and Jaarre.

It was noted during the briefing that out of the 500 and more graduates from these high schools only a small number can afford to go to the country’s universities located in Jigjiga, Addis Ababa and elsewhere. Applauding the initiative, Ismail Adan Gelleh (Odowa), President of the Somali-Ethiopian Community in the UAE, explained how the Ethiopian government was encouraging and eagerly expecting for such developmental initiatives to come from the Somali-Ethiopian diaspora.

“The Ethiopian government and the administration of the Somali Zone in Jigjiga do not only welcome the diaspora to take part in the country’s development but are also more than ready to give all kinds of facilitations to anyone or any group of people who wanted to make investments or establish community development projects.”

Spearheaded by the diaspora community in the UAE, the initiative came as a result of a series of consultations with some of the local elders, intellectuals, MPs and businessmen of the Awubere Wereda who all welcomed the proposal, while underlining the vital need for such a project.

“This is a timely and badly needed project and a highly welcome contribution by the diaspora community of Awubere Wereda to their people in the Somali Zone of Ethiopia,” said Mr. Ali Omar Allaale, Federal MP of the area.
Talking to the community by phone from Addis Ababa, Allaale noted that the Ethiopian government encourages the diaspora communities to take the lead in the development of the country both on the federal and regional levels.

The diaspora communities in the UAE hailing from the Awubere Wereda and their brethren from the Awdal/Salal regions of the Somalia side of the border were instrumental in the creation of Amoud University in the late 1990s.

“We call upon our diaspora communities living in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East to give their full support to this initiative and to organize their respective communities to make this dream a reality for the future of people of the area,” said a statement issued by those who participated in the kick-off meeting.

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