Siilanyo Runs the country in Belly Politics.

Siilanyo Runs the country in Belly Politics.


To start with, belly politics is when a person misuses his/her talents and chooses to sacrice self-respect and all human principles for the sake of personal or financial gains. This classifies Siilanyo as a careerist political belly.


Political belly is the bane of party politics in Somaliland and it is not a recent development but has been in practice for a long time. Where is the pride of our community elders, our intellectuals and our students. It is all gone..gone. gone into the woods and the lost in the poverty. Are we really that desperate… have we lost hope to that level? Don’t we deserve better

as people, leaders and elders.? Not as belly and boggy individuals!


To my surprise and perhaps to the surprise of many others, I was watching Siilanyo’s team in Borama yesterday at lunch hour. I, somehow, became petrified by what I saw at what they claimed as people’s rally in the streets falsely portrayed as a warm welcome for a hated traitor.


Everybody was well aware of the falsified depiction, the paid students for the procession. The poor women household whose presence was bought for a day’s shopping. Few belly and greed minded suldans who live for their daily handouts and whose cheap mind is often up for sale. They projected themselves well in the picture in the front line for the best pay of the day. They shamed their themselves and their people by selling their dignity with the lowest rag and dont represent anyone but live only to eat the dead corpse of their nation.


The message being relayed to those innocent souls who would view the scene was clear. gathered at that rally was See me, Borama people love me” . deep from his conscience, he hides his guilt… his shame….his lies and his cheats.


We all know how the sale and the buy goes hand in hand in the country right from Siilanyo’s election to the seat to this present day. In that black market and black day for our people, Siilanyo and his compatriot Dhiigshiil/Dahabshiil trippled the Burao ballots and bought the poor and corrupt administrators in every corner of the country.


Today, Dahabshiil’s popular role is to pay clan leaders to silence people’s uprise when people feel the pain of the corruption, hunger and poverty. The pre-paid pone cards “suldans” are given access to TV stations to silence their people. The belly Suldans, in order to frighten their people, point finger at unknown enemies at the gates of Somaliland. These false allegations were common voices for the last 21 years. Peace and prosperity is mentioned when the average personal income is less than one dollar a day. Where do they see peace when people live as destitues in their own country? Peace means,peace of mind,health, education, jobs and justice for all.


In my definition, belly is the act of selling your soul and pride to meet your tangible needs ( money)…I do cannot make any distinction between a woman in mini skirts standing at the corners of the streets at night and those who jump onto the lap of siilanyo in pursuit of personal ambitions – money mongers.


Siilanyo and Siyad Barre are a student and a teacher. They are good examples of bad and belly governance, tribalism, corruption, and oppression. Only God knows when somalis will understand what a government really means. May be centuries to come


Osman Elmi elmi1949@hotmail.ca


Harowo marnaba masuul kama aha aragtida dadka kale, qoraaga ayaa wanaageeda iyo xumaanteedaba leh, waxay Harowo dhiirigalinaysaa is-dhaafsiga fikradaha oo kaliya.

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