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Stranded travelers are entitled to compensation – for three hours


Stranded and disappointed. Every year, tens of thousands  holiday travelers of flight delays. Far fewer are aware that they may be entitled to compensation from the airline for delays of over three hours.
certain circumstances

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 you are entitled to financial compensation for delays over three hours. How much you qualify for depends on how long the flight distance is, the extent of the delay and when you informed.

The airline will also pay additional costs due to the delay by up to about 43 000.

If the delay is due to the so-called “extraordinary” circumstances, where, for example, extreme weather counts, you get not compensation.

Contact the airline
Of those who suffer requesting less than half a percent of compensation, and even fewer get it.

Law’s advice to those who are affected are:

– Know your rights as an airline passenger, and when that happens, ask at the gate or contact the airline and ask how you should handle it.

The airline will request information as flight number, destination and length of the delay. Also make sure to have a copy of the booking confirmation.

Becomes the subject difficult to manage are a number of companies that offer legal help to a certain percentage.

– You may also be entitled to compensation for delays from the travel insurance in your home insurance policy, a separate travel insurance or insurance that may be part of your debit or credit card if you paid trip with the card, says Gabriella Hallberg, a lawyer at Consumers Insurance Bureau.


If your flight is canceled, or more than three hours late, you are entitled to compensation: *

* 350 dollarr at more than three-hour delay in arrival at the final destination of flights of 1 500 kilometers.

* $ 600 SEK by more than three-hour delay in arrival at the final destination of flights between 1 500 and 3 500 kilometers.

* $ 900 SEK by more than four hour delay in arrival at the final destination for flights over 3 500 kilometers.

* EU Regulation (EU) 261/2004 applies if you are flying in, out or into the EU with European airline (registered in the EU, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland).

In some cases, the airline is obliged to pay compensation, for example, in extraordinary circumstances, or if you have been told at least 14 days prior to travel.

Source: Consumer / Airhelp


Fact: This can also be reimbursed for


* If you are denied boarding even though you have all travel documents at hand and at the gate on time, you have the right to be rerouted or get full fare back. Furthermore, the airline must pay you a fixed fee of 250, 400 or 600, depending on how far you could fly.

* If your luggage does not show up, you should report it at the airport and save a copy of the notification. You are entitled to compensation to get by until your luggage shows up.

* If your luggage is damaged you must report it at the airport and save a copy of the notification. Document the damage with photos please. You can be reimbursed up to about 11 000.

* If your luggage is lost, the airline has 21 days to find it and send it on to you. If it does not come to terms, you are entitled to compensation up to about 11 000.


Source: Young Consumer

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