Sii Codkaaga SIYAASI Somali/S/land-Awdal ah Oo Ka Sharaxan DOORASHADA 22 May INGIRIISKA IYO EUROPE

VOTE 4 Alel



The candidate originated from Somalia, Adal Empire. He is one of the ancestors-the grandson of Ugas (King) Elmi Dhere, his grandfather was Aw-Muhumed Ibrahim a British colony-captain. His father is Hamud Aleel, the self-made man who built his empire of wealth from bottom to top.

Mr Aleel devoted himself to help the needy people and prayed for knowledge and wisdom. His enthusiasm was to enlighten the shadows in our lives. On that basis the candidate has developed various research projects, Baraarujin, City-port planning and revitalisation principles, green- house gasses in KAN area, banking reform strategies, Junction of Arnhem and Nijmegen, improving the transport network connections between Antwerp port and Rotterdam port, mitigating the conflict for space in Rotterdam, UK-Africa trade relations and many others.

During the election, he will be challenging various political affluences and his contention is that in this age of neoliberal ascendancy, mainstream economics has ceased to worry about the distribution of income and wealth and has become tolerant of monopoly, speculation, and other practices which were abhorrent to previous generations. Leading economists preach fiscal austerity in response to recession and unemployment and write heavy technocratic critiques of the welfare state. Finally, governments and other public agencies are inefficient and generally incapable of improving market outcomes by regulation or intervention except in a few special cases; income and wealth distribution in a capitalist economy is determined by the market as impartial arbiter, and there is no basis in economics for redistribution to achieve greater equality.

His manifesto in this local election is to influence positively and deliver a great message to the local residents, by answering why the residents of North Greenford area must vote for him? and why preferring him on others?. Simply, the answer is short, because he is actually representing them and looking after their interest independently, while others candidate’s prime concerns are to look after the interest of their political party.

Finally, the UNIQUE message of the candidate to the local residents will be based on application of positive class economy, were no one is below grade C-class, which means cheap and affordable housing, free and quality school buildings, sufficient health.


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