The Ghost Cities of Somalia

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Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team

The Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF) is recently involved digging graves in Hargaisa,  to proof genocides occurred in 1991, due to this course, it is also paramount importance to dig other graves in other cities such as genocides committed by SNM in Borama, Dila and Zeilac.

Although digging old graves is not an Islamic ritual, but there could be possibility to dig other graves in Mogadishu were more than 1000,000 people died during and after the black hawk.

Overall we condemn the act of digging an old graves and renewing the pains and the traumas suffered by the Somalis during the civil wars.

Its true and undeniable fact that extreme genocides or autocracy took place during the bloodsheds and civil wars, it is a fact that these evil acts occurred in many other cities and in between the Somalis families, and it is also clear that these forensic investigation will not cure the injuries and the sufferings as well as the grudges between the Somalis themselves.

Therefore it became to our intention to stop any action that could renew old grudges and create another actions that could jeopardize the peace and the reconciliation processes also any intentions that could contradict our believe.

It is for good to resolve the issues between the Somalis and within the Somalis and by using the old Somali traditional manners (GAR) without showing our scandals to the international donors.

In conclusion we accept there were extreme killings, genocides, autocracy in Somalia committed by cruel individuals and of course we recommend to compensate each other us and in between us (XAAL).

Overall we strongly recommend and oppose this act of digging graves of the innocence victims who died from both sides and from all of us.


Please share with me the information of the EPAF below

(The Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF) is a non-profit organization that promotes the right to truth, justice, and guarantees of non-repetition in cases of forced disappearance and extrajudicial execution. EPAF seeks to contribute to the consolidation of peace and democracy where grave human rights violations have taken place by working alongside the families of the disappeared to find their loved ones, gain access to justice, and improve the conditions affecting their political and economic development.)


Between 1988 and 1991, it is estimated that 50-60,000 people were killed in Somaliland by the former dictator Siad Barre. On March 9th, 2014, at 09:30, in the city of Hargeisa, a number of religious elders and the Peruvian Team of Forensic Anthropology (EPAF) will gather to re-bury 45 victims of this crime.

The remains have been exhumed under the direction of the War Crimes Investigation Commission (WCIC) of Somaliland with the help of EPAF during two field schools in 2012 and 2014. As part of the ongoing effort to identify and gather evidence for future criminal investigations the process has also facilitated the people of Somaliland the chance to re bury their dead, in a dignified way in accordance with the rules of Islam.

“You may lead a simple and poor life but everyone deserves to be buried as a human being”, stated Jose Pablo Baraybar, Director of EPAF.

The project, which started in 2012 has been funded by the US-based Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) and the WCIC. Both the head of the WCIC Khadar Ahmed, and the Director of EPAF Jose Pablo Baraybar, will be available for interview along with a number of the international students from China, America, UK, Sweden, Austria and Peru.

Thus, EPAF continues to develop its humanitarian work around the world; work that, for well-known reasons, cannot perform in Peru.

For all media enquiries relating to EPAF please contact: alvarado@epafperu.org For in country information please contact Jose Pablo Baraybar on mobile 0634813024 For information on the WCIC please contact: sl_warcrimes@hotmail.com Tel: 252-2-520560


Written By Abdi Hamud Alel

Director of International Trade Advice Bureau


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