NEVER CATCH A TIGER’S TAIL, said by Mengistu Heile Mariam



After the end of the cold war and after Somali military regime slaughtered communist generals, then some Somali generals and communistpolitician escaped to its rival country Ethiopia as they requested political asylum and militiamobilisation from the Ethiopian governmentagainst Siad Barre’s transformed regime“transformed from Somali Communist Party to Somali Democratic Republic”.

Then president Mengistu Haile Mariam, the leader of the communist party in Ethiopia who built an alliance with Cuba and Russia at that time, has accepted to deliver both asylum and militia mobilisation in order to fight against SiadBarre’s regime, but he closed the meeting with an old Ethiopian saying “Never Catch a Tiger’s Tail, If you catch it, then never let it go, Because if you let it go then the tiger will turn back and kill you instead’’! Analyse this!!!!!!

As agreed, Mr Mengistu started mobilisingmilitias along with coordinated Ethiopian secret services in order to keep their tails and in order to minimise the security risks or threats of these generals to Ethiopia.

Immediately, after 10 years of destructive political targets, then the devastative and volcanic civil wars erupted in North-West Somaliain 1988, followed by the escape of both SiadBarre and Mingistu Haile Mariam to Nigeria in the early nineties. In mid-nineties, the federalism ideology being applied by President MelizehZanawi in Ethiopia and the clanship philosophyshadowed in Somalia, followed by a series of incidents in the outside world, such as the collapse of the soviet union, the invasion of Iraq, the hunt down of Qadafi, the division of Sudaninto two, the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Somalia and finally the confrontation of the world super powers on Georgia and Ukraine with the possibility of reigniting the cold war or nuclear challenges.

With all these series of events either correlated or disintegrated, but one thing is for sure that the world politics is moving into circular motionand into cross sectionalism and diagonal turningsand overall one thing is certain, that most of the people in East and Central Africa, are still mixingup capitalism, communism, federalism, spiritualism, and imperialism ideologies and theyare still following wrong routes and using wrong tools or methods while applying these theories or the mandates adopting from first class thinkers.


After the death of the old tigers whose their tales being hold by their rival for many decades, followed by the return of free Somalia with young and sharp toothed whelps, who uphold strong ties with the world super powers, western scholars and ME alliances versus internal challenges and with a library of misconceptionsand long lasted misinterpretations of the world politics inherited from the previous leaders.


Then the following questions still remainunpredictable and uncertain.

The main question; Where Somalia (Cushitic) isheading within these oceans of contradictingpolitical, economical and philosophical waves?

Sub questions, are they going to apply federalism ideology based on statehood politicsbuilt on their cultural heritage, or are they going to steer the driving wheel back to the imperialism ideology based on the rule of ancient Kings or Queens i.e. Ugas, Boqor, Malaaq, Waaq,Garaad, Sheba or are they going to apply spiritualism philosophy based on forcing othersto believe as you believe, or are they going toreapply communism or Marxism ideology based on the rule of society by the power of the government with scarce resources, or are they going to live under colonialism ideology based on the occupation of foreign armies or are they going to remain frozen for another decades.


All these questions to be answered by the Somalis and who cares the existence of Cushitic-society, as they have to analyse carefully the best possible options, so they can choose the best route or road map to follow with considering their ancient history, the true education, the intellectual analyses, laws, security, politics and banking systems and finallyhoping to unite Somalia and Cushitic lands for a better future and prosperity (so at the end every child matter and everyone have the right to besheltered, to learn true-real education, to be fed and nurtured, to be ruled by law, to be employed and protected from security threats, to be led responsibly and with decency without political corruption and finally to save pension botpension in the national bank)

In conclusion, we support and call for a collective debates, dialogues and  communiques between all the Somali States based on land and ethics,these dialogues to be invited world’s first class thinkers, philosophers, academics, judges, economists, poetries, spiritual leaders,politicians, bankers and finally empires and these talks should be backed up by the five permanent members of the UN-Security council, EU, AU, AL, IU, UN-sub committees, human rights organisations, world bank, IMF e.t.c these should be done due to the credentials of the Somali Government in the United NationsCharter signed in 1945.



A historian who digs around other yards and not around his yard is not a historian.


A teacher who he enlightens himself and who darkens others is not a teacher.


A doctor who he cures himself and spreads diseases is not a doctor.


A religion who is dividing and not uniting is not a religion.


A law who freed the king/rich and imprisonothers is not a law.



A soldier who he saves his life and harmsothers is not a soldier.



A leader who he leads for himself or for his clan and who he mislead others is not a leader.



A banker who biases the scale for his interest and not for all exchangers is not a banker.


Written By

Abdi Rahman Hamud Alleel

Director of The International Trade Advice Bureau

BSc, BSc, Eng, MSc, PGCE, LLB






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