Press Release: AWDAL STATE President Office

AWDAL STATE President Office

Press Release                                                


Today, The president of Awdal State of Somalia, his excellency Professor Abdi Samad Nageye, The elected chair of the Parliament his honour Mahdi Musse Isaq, the elected vice president to his honour Abdi Rahman Abdillahi, ceremonial chairman of AwDAL State & The former transitional government foreign minister  Professor Hamud Aw Cali Mansheye, all members of cabinet including secretary general and the diaspora offices around the world, have sent their congratulations and blessing to both the Prime Minister of Mogadishu Abdi Weli Sheekh and the new elected President of Puntland Dr Abdi Weli Gaas. They also  congratulated President Hassan Sheekh Mohmoud to his untirring efforts and dedication to the road map and statehood communiques. Overall, the president admired the bravery, restoration of hope for stability and the enermous success made by the governor of Banadir to his honour Mohamoud Ahmed Nur. As he also wished Borama to be reconstructed and renovated in the near future, he also added to learn a lot from the governor.

The president and his crew announced to support the Statehood Policy which is founded by the former President of Somalia Sheekh Sharif  Sheekh Ahmed and Dr Abdi Weli while he was the Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government. Then It continued by President Hassan Sheekh Mohmoud and PM Abdi Farah Shirdon Saacid and now Prime Minister Abdi Weli Sheikh Ahmed.

The President strongly and humbly reminding, the president of the Somali Federal Government to his excellency President Hassan Sheekh Mohmoud, the newly elected president of Puntland to his excellency Abdi Wali Gas and the Prime minister of Somalia to his honour Abdi Weli Sheekh, and to his honour the speaker of the parliament professor Mohamed Osman Jawari as well as all post holders in the Federal government and in the federal states to keep the stroghold historical, socio-political and economical relationship between Somalia and Adal State.


The President also requires from the heads of the federal government to revive and restore the strength, enthusiasm and the role of Adal  in the Somali reform politics in general and in a wider perspective. His  excellency also reminds the importance and urgency of opening a dialogue with the Federal Government, Puntland and all Somala states.


He also concluded that all the treaties in the previous communique has been neglected in Somaliland, as he quoted articles 12,13,19 of London, Istanbul, Kyoto and New deal communiques, nor the development funding, humanitarian response funds and other investments were not transparence to the statehood strategy and Adal and other states has been left in the dark.

Istanbul/ London/ Kyoto-Yokohama/ New Deal quotes

‘12. In keeping with the London Communique, the Conference reiterated that respect for human rights must be at the heart of the peace process. It welcomed the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Transitional Federal Government and the United Nations on 11 May 2012, and called on the Somali authorities to follow through with their commitment to uphold human rights and the rule of law, and put an end to the culture of violence and impunity, and bring about accountability. The Conference called for all parties to commit themselves to transitional justice mechanisms in the Post-Transition period.

13. The Conference emphasized that in the post-Transition period, the new political dispensation in Somalia must begin with a new program aimed at re-establishing of state and local institutions and administrative structures, based on and complementary to the current Roadmap including the newly recovered areas.

19. The Conference agreed that insecurity in Somalia, including sustained inter clan conflict, persistent violence, illegal charcoal trading, misappropriation of funds, piracy, kidnapping, terrorism and human rights abuses and violations, is exacerbated by the crisis emanating from the deficiency of the state structures and institutions in large parts of the country. It condemned all acts of violence against civilians, including journalists, and humanitarian workers in violation of international humanitarian law and human rights law.

Meanwhile the president is looking forward to form a socio-political, environmental and economical partnership with the fedral government,  as well as all other states in Somalia. As his excellency is planning a trips to meet government officials and AwDAL State diasporas in the United State,  Canada, Bruxells-EU, UAE, Ethiopia, Ereteria, Djibouti, Mogadishu, Puntland, Juba and his final trip will take place in Borama as he promised during the election campaign.

Finally his excellency and their honours recommended all Somali people to support  the federalism ideology based on statehood policy, were Adal will be the first state on the statehood footprint (because of its ancient history and the beginning of Somala civilisation).








May Allah Bless You All

The Preisdent: Elected, His Excellency Professor Abdi Samad Nageye

The Vice president: Elected, His Honour Dr AbdiRahman Abdiaalhi

The Speaker Parliament: Elected, His Honour Professor Mahdi Musse Isaq

Ceremonial Chairman of AwDAL State and The X-GovernmentForeign Minister of Somalia Professor Hamud Aw Cali Mansheye

Speaker of The Government; Professor Ahmed Omar Baadari

Chairman of The House of Lords (Guurti): Ali Farrah

Musse Kheyrdon; UK Chairman of AB-c

Abdi Ibrahim: Speaker of the President

Minister of Finance (Treasurer) Hibo Haddi Ofleh

Minister of Internal  Affair Mohamed Jama (Odey)






Abdi Hamud Aleel

Secretary General of the State




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