23 Years of Being in Coma

23 Years of Being in Coma


Since 1991 the people in the North-West Somalia has been alone and in Coma on a hospital bed, during the seizures they have been hearing the discussions in the outside world, in reverse they thought their voices could be heard too, but unfortunately nobody could hear the sounds in their head as they have been lying in isolated intensive care unit and dreamed or hallucinated a country called Somaliland.


Today they have returned from the coma and while walking through the gates of the hospital they saw a lot of civilians dressed with military uniform surrounded in a building, they softly asked the crowd about the incident, but suddenly and most shockingly, they have been told that the ones who woke up earlier took over the parliament by coup. They asked again, who is making the coup? In short sentence, they were told the leader of SNM is taking over the house of parliament by force.


Surprisingly, they started applauding and clapping their hands thinking that the civil war in 1991 is still taking place and they started joining the team, but today they found out the house of parliament members were also the early recoveries. Then they realised something went wrong during the questioning. At this occasion they realised that something is not normal with their timing and the buildings passed while walking along the road.


Finally being more polite, they rephrased the question, what time is it, then the respondent, recognised their condition and their demand to be updated and replied 10 am, 18th of February 2014. Then they shockingly shouted out loud by asking too many questions:-

Where is the dictator? Who is this dictator? Why did we fight?  But the main fear is after this trauma, are they going back to the coma seizure again or are they going to stay awake!


Overall, the neighbours and the relatives wish for them to stay awake this time and to keep their eyes wide open.


Abdi Rahman Hamud Alel

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