Khaatumo will prevail


The representatives of Khaatumo people are no longer be selected by Puntland or Somaliland, but higher consul of Dhulbahante elders. Ahmed-karaash has betrayed his own people and sold his soul. It is naïf to believe that those who betray their own, wont betray you as well. Khatumo-3 conference will be held at the historical town of Taleex before at the end of this year- 2013. The G10 will provide focus and the framework to structure Khaatumo state. They will manage and define the way and how to govern.

khaatumoKhatumo State is created to serve solely the needs of the civilians in the SSC region and to work on developing a peaceful region that brings the international community to have closer ties to the people of the region. Khaatumo State of Somalia want to have strong working ties with the federal government of Somalia.

We are fully aware of that both the semi autonomic regions of Somaliland and Puntland governments have waged a campaign to prevent the NGO`s to reach Buuhoodle, Las-anod and Erigabo regions for their own interest. We are hoping this plot against SSC people will end.

We have seen that Somaliland and Puntland have joined forces and strategic desire to concur or capture the SSC regions in order to look good on the political arena or explore the natural resources of the regions. But Somaliland and Puntland leaders has overlooked or doesn`t understand the crucial conditions of every investor.

Any investor would be looking for four factors: presence of commercial opportunities, conducive investment environment, rule of law and stability-predictability of the conditions. The essential factor for foreign investors is that there should be the rule of law in the country that they invest in. The investors need to know that their investment is safe, and their legal rights are protected in the country. We have seen that Oil exploration companies are moving out of Somaliland and Puntland. We will contact the Turks oil companies and ask them if they understand the gravity of the problem and tell them, only we” the Khaatumo government can give the permission to explore our regions. Without the consent of Khatumo there will be no predictability of the conditions, and the rules of the game may change after all their calculations.

Eng. Ibrahim Ahmed Musse-Qaadiriye,

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