Tawfiiq Relief Organization, The organization of the year 2013


Tawfiiq Relief Organization, The organization of the year 2013



Tawfiiq relief organization is the voice of the unheard victims in the community. This organization has occupied a fundamental role to serve the disabled victims in our community. Basra jirdeh Shiil, a mother whose sensible gut feels much of the sufferings that the unknown victims do contend with every now and then, here in our community founded this organization. The organization has done more than enough. Tawfiiq relief organization raises fund to assist the voiceless victims. Among the most notable assistance services the organization has successfully secured an accomplished legacy to serve

A young guy whose heart was bleeding

A victim that lied on bed sick more than twenty years

A patient whose head grown filled with water, etc

This organization would never got institutionalized if it were not the dedicated sacrifices and the intensive work of those committed and beloved figures


Basra jirdeh Shil


Mahdi Aden Rirash


Basra Jirdeh Shiil


I have seen the depth of the insightful experiences Basra Jirdeh Shil holds can be a reliable source for the organization’s leadership. Living in a world of utter futility, we are always solutions. And to get adjusted, we feel like digging the root causes of our problems. One often meets people defining problems, complaining and making you feel the pain. One’s not yet solved problems over burden one’s shoulders. It always seems we have all excuses to free ourselves from the duty bound responsibility to serve the weaker and the disabled. To inspire us therefore, Basra jirdeah has pioneered this voluntary task to make voice of the weaker and the disabled heard. And to realize it all, she has dedicated her life to serve voluntarily to relief the impoverished world in our community from all pains.


Mahdi Aden Riirash


We can never ignore nor ever forget Mahdi Aden Riirash’Gurey’ as a dedicated member in our society. In Borama, the social mobility and the duty bound services are quite contradictory and futile to sustain development. This is the case when social unity is never the number; Clan duties and sub clan divisions disintegrate our common duties, the sick is only insured to the family clan for health, the immediate subclan members are the main attendants of the funeral burials. The victims of all levels do seem served in these lines. However here in my city, we are all indebtedly  proud of Mahdi Aden Riirash, Gurey for his necessary services to assist us all. Serving across these social limiting lines of clan identity, Mahdi,Gurey, pays all price to sacrifice his life to the services of the weaker and the disabled victims in our community. This has given him the multi clannish identity that he is always held accountable for every clan contribution.

The disabled and the weaker victims are never empty of hope. There are daring heroes to engage the care they need. Mahdi Aden Riirash, a hero among my people secures the privileged legacy to have contributed 100bags of blood by himself alone. Born here in Borama in 1980, he has sacrificed much as an assisting voice of the victims. And considerably to a highly inspired degree, Mahdi Aden Rirash is our beloved son.



Ahmed Abib Hayir

A qualified Author

Borama, Somaliland.


Contact, 4504169, Email,  hayir89@hotmail.com

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