The investment of the year, 2013 Muliyo salt trading company By Ahmed A Hayir

The investment of the year, 2013

Muliyo salt trading company


The country’s economy has long been mainly based on the herding of livestock which are the major exports to the other world. Here in Somaliland, the undeniable fact was that the armed conflicts, devastating droughts, and famine, more or less unnoticed by the outside world, caused a huge influx of the country people into towns and cities in the last three decades. The urban migration, in turn, deprived the Somali livestock of any care in rural areaswhere these animals are reared. The other, more or less economic contributors, like fishing, crop production and mineral deposits remained of no considerable importance as sources of income generation.

Here in my region, Awdal, despite theseeconomic hardships, more people are stillreceiving money sent home through remittance for their income. The money transfer is unevenly acquired. The income distribution is therefore narrow. Certain people do only have the right to make use of their foreign-based financial supporters. Because of this income disparity, the resulting standard of living may not underpin any hope of economic success. On this basis, many would-be entrepreneurs maintain the strong will to hold back their hard-won wealth; they do not want to start businesses. These people are under the illusion that nothing returns from their investments. And so long as this fear weighs down their heads, investments, whatever, is to be avoided at all costs. If, however, favorable conditions call their attentions to finance their assets, the pulling and pushing between their mental attitudes put them off balance. This reluctance brings about doubt, whatever that confines themselves to an assertion of probability, the fear of losing dominates their minds and finally they give up and remain in a state of indifference however profitable the existing opportunities are. Muliyosalt trading company models an inspiring investment that transforms the economic history.



Muliyo salt trading company serves to develop the economic growth here in Somaliland from the general perspective. The Somaliland economic standard has shown the upward mobility to draw much attention from potential investors. This strategic country is blessed with abundant resources of all kinds. In this new age, having a governance system that has got the enduring legacy to serve and secure peace in a volatile region, the economic investments here in Somaliland have paid off. This holds true toMuliyo Salt trading company. Borama, the capital city of Awdal region, headquarters this company. This is an encouraging model for the city’s economic development standard.




The salt initiative

Muliyo salt trading company makes use of the rich and abundant salt in the coast, our sea resources to process, package and distribute a manufacture salt as a usable product that is marketed available region wide. The investors, owners whose pioneering guts have been very careful in developing this initiative have changed the lives of many generations to come. On the first hand, when carried out an extensive market survey salt is a basic household demand. And with a strong sense of accountability, the market industry of this business has drawn much of their creative spirits. Somaliland raw salt, as an abundant sea resource particularlyhere in Awdal coast areas, has been fully approved to be the highest quality type. And the initiative to process the raw salt into a commercial product adds much to the economic development of the wider region. The same as well, this initiative assumes a vital role to inspire more investments on our sea resources.Muliyo salt company therefore opens a new economic door for our people. And the national economic standard has the promising profitability for this business, salt as a marketable packaged product. The technical success of this business plan was reviewed. Theconsumption of salt here is entirely based on the primitive methods that are traditionallyrudimentary. Investing a modern processing factory has the urgency of the right technical experience. Muliyo salt company processes, packages and markets salt as a necessary food additives.


The economic importance

Muliyo, as a salt company has much to develop the economic and the social standing affecting the Somalis and the wider region on this part of the world. The investment of this giant company inspires much economic enhancement and underpins the sustainability of a better life standard here in Somaliland and the wider region as well.



The qualifying scenario, Muliyo salt company as the

Muliyo salt trading company has been the 2013 investment of the year. It holds this privilege because of its model legacy. To invest our natural resources has got the message of prosperity and development. Muliyo salt trading company pays off economically in all levels of success.


the managing director of Muliyo salt trading company on duty


Ahmed A Haayir

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