Awdalstate: Press Release Congratulations to new elected President of Puntland Dr Abdi Weli Gaas & PM Abdiweli

Press Release
Wednesday, 8th January 2014

Today, The Adal Diaspora In UK and around the globe,have collectively and warmly Congratulated both the Prime Minister of Mogadishu Abdi Weli Sheekh and the new elected President of Puntland Dr Abdi Weli Gaas.
The Adal Diaspora in UK and the government of Adal State, both announced to support the Statehood Policy which is founded by the former President of Somalia Sheekh Sharif  Sheekh Ahmed and Dr Abdi Weli while he was the Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government. Then It continued by President Hassan Sheekh Mohmoud and PM Abdi Farah Shirdon Saacid and now Prime Minister Abdi Weli Sheikh Ahmed.
The Adal Diaspora also reminds The newly elected president of Puntland and the Prime minister of Mogadishu to keep the stroghold historical, socio-political and economical relationship between Mogadishu-Puntland-Adal, were all dedicated to promote the Somalahood.
They also wish for Dr Abdi Weli and the PM and President Hassan Sheekh Mohmomoud to renew the strength and the role of Punt & Adal  in the Somali reform politics, were the first meeting will take place in Ankara (Turkey) and hopefully both Adal and Punt will participate.
Meanwhile the Adalese community in the world are are looking forward to form a political and economical partnership with Puntland and Mogadishu as well as other states in Somalia.
They also recommend Abdi Weli to support who the federalism ideology based on statehood policy, were Adal is the first state (because of its ancient history and the beginning of Somala civilisation),  which Is the unique and the only solution for the long lasted suffering and trauma of the Somala.

May Allah Bless You All
Dr AbdiRahman Aleel.

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