The Somalis are fighting for power sharing in the coming New Somalia. It is not new in the sense of a country but in Federalism and competition for the top positions of the country. Recently, a constitution was written and passed by non-inclusive Parliament. We know that this constitution is based on Federalism which is based on 18 regions known to the United Nations and other International Communities.

As the process of uniting Somalis under one President, One Government, and a Parliament is developing and the debate for power-sharing is taking place, we are not sure what the final  resolution would be. Each tribe is preparing its agenda for the power-sharing. The Darood are discussing among themselves of which clan Darood would take the lead. Hawiye are considering themselves as the chosen people. Isaq has put Somaliland on the table and bargaining with it.  Many clans are not represented at the negotiation table and who knows what will be their fate in the coming power-sharing.

Those tribes in the North West of Somalia are wondering if the nascent Somali government even knows them and aware of their plight. Somaliland is based on a bias, unfair, unbalanced Govenrment dominated by a single Isaaq subclan. The present Government of Somaliland, instead of representing Somaliland and selecting an inclusive committee which will take part in the negotiations on remaking Somalia, has taken the high road with unconstitutional agenda and with an ambition of leading Somalia.

The tribes which are marginalized in the process have to call on President Mohamoud to tap the talents of all Somalis, irrespective to their tribal affiliation, to enhance the country’s development. The President of Somalia has to know that the three individuals; the President of Somaliland, his Chief of Staff, and his young Foreign Minister, do not represent all peoples in the North of Somalia but are only traveling to make a room for themselves and making themselves known in the international arena so that they are given highest positions in the country. Mr. Mohamoud should know that without an inclusive Somaliland Peace Council, those three individuals are a risk to the negotiations and will not assist you in bringing all Somalis together but they are instead pitting one clan against other as already happening in Somaliland. The vision those three people and their constituents have for Somalia is not shared by the other people in the region. They are in a mission to service themselves first and secondly to their constituents.

Mr. Siilaanyo and his confidants have created mistrust among Somalilanders because of their enchanted dream of becoming leaders of Somalia. There are signs everywhere in Somaliland that the era of Somaliland becoming a nation-state is fading away. The ethnic coalition in Somaliland is crumbling from below and above because of its President’s lack of governing vision.

The union of Somalia tribes into one Nation deserves selfless leaders and love of commitment from all parties taking part in the remaking of Somalia. It is time to do what is right. It is time for those who are marginalized to stand up to be counted.


Mohamed MOUSA

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